Hey, I'm Ty

I enjoy working on projects that interest me and learning new things. Some interest I have are hockey, climbing and hanging with friends. Contact me at tyirving1 (at) gmail (dot) com if you wanna chat.


Calgary Public Library
Worked fullstack during my time as a summer intern
Gibson Energy
Worked a variety of roles during the summer


Sneaker Inventory
Handles sneaker inventory for a small business
Pathfinding Visualization
Visualizer for numerous pathfinding algorithms
Movie Finder
Helps find movies for friends to watch


Started trying to go to as many NHL rinks as possible at the moment only been to 5 different ones so far the ranking is as follows.
  1. Mullet Arena - Arizona
  2. Climate Pledge Arena - Seattle
  3. T-Mobile Arena - Vegas
  4. Saddledome - Calgary
  5. Commonwealth Stadium - Edmonton